[Dragon] PzKpfw I Ausf B DAK

Dragon's kit no 6207 represents the DAK version of the Panzer 1 Ausf B. This box set comes with a bonus figure set of the original kit no 6063 depicting 4 crewmen is a leisurely pose having some refreshment.

The figure set by itself, when released a few years back, was a gem with an additional dog and desert lizard bundled together. The total part count is 515 of which 216 parts are the individual tracks.


There appears to be a few releases of this kit as evident in earlier reviews that the idler was a solid wheel ( see PMMS review) while in the review kit it was a constructed wheel made of 2 separate disc with a gap. The instruction sheets clearly identify the difference as it wrongly still shows the solid idler. (part marked C4). This is now a combination of retooled part C4 to be attached to new Part C14. (see pics).Full marks to Dragon for rectifying this. The other typo is in step 10 for Part F9 and F15 which is in vice versa. Perhaps the next step is to correct the many typos and updates in the instruction sheets as a download from their website?

The parts are broken down into some obvious sections:

  • Sprue A: hull
  • Sprue B: tools and hull attachments
  • Sprue C: running gear and tracks
  • Sprue D: Hull parts
  • Sprue E: Engine Hull parts
  • Sprue F: Turret
  • Sprue I: Lower Hull
  • Sprue N: jerry can
  • Sprue MA: PE parts
  • Sprue MB: PE parts for jerry can
  • Sprue W: clear parts
  • Figure Sprue: 2 trees


The mold and detail quality appear crisp and adequate which is a marked improvement compared to the age old Alan Model kit. Weld beads are well represented though its a shame that slide technology in not used for the gun barrels. The PE parts do give an extra finesse to the kit and the individual tracks are well done with proper details. One strange choice is the use of clear plastic for the hatches and levels while the solid transparent blocks are actually very limited for the Pz1. The only item packing is an interior whcih is made up by the figure set. The figure set by itself can be made to a full vignette with plenty of interest. Mess kits, bottles and other accessories and decals are aplenty. The figures are well crafted and the details adequate to current releases.


The instruction sheet is arranged in typical Dragon format; with a tree diagram, followed by the color codes in GSI Aqueos and Mr Color codes. The construction is arranged in 14 steps starting from the traditional running gear, lower hull, upper hull, turret and final attachements.  A separate colour sheet is provided for the figure set. Do go through the sheet thoroughly as some sequences require a second look especially with options available for example at the hull rear lights, smoke candles, jacks, Nortek lights, etc..


2 different marking option is provided for 21 PzDiv 1941-42 and 5 PzDiv, Tripoli 1941.


A build log of the kit according to the construction sequence will follow in the article section.