Sci-Fi / Fantasy

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Blood Angel Terminator Space Marine

Jason 'poohbear' Koh completed this figurine from the Space Hulk 2nd Ed set for the Sci-Fi Group Build held recently at Cineleisure, Malaysia.

  • Written by Thomas 'Masterqq' Ng


This is my first Gundam diorama, I always have soft spot for special force subject, I wanted to crate a jungle setting diorama with some Gundam kits, the basic idea is around a Freddie special force recon MS team heading up river passing by a team of LSSC crews. The LSSC crews were in awe with the mighty MS, one of them wave to the MS “Hi there, Big Fellows ….." Hence the title of this dio.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Mg 1/100 Hyakushiki

This is the photo summary of Joseph Looi's excellent work on the remodelled Hyakushiki

  • Written by Thomas "MasterQQ" Ng

1/72 Hasegawa VF-1A Valkyrie

This is my first Hasegawa's VF-1A. Got this kit 2nd hand from a friend with the cockpit done, and I continue the rest of the build.