• Written by Loo Chee Keong

[Masterbox] Review, MB3518 and MB3521

I have always wanted to get my hands on the Masterbox figure sets but alas none of the LHS carry the range until recently. HHQ, in KL brought in a consignment which represented most of their production range and I had a field day going through the kits.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

[Eduard] Boris Safonov

This will start off as a review of the Eduard 1:16 scale Boris Safonov figure kit

  • Written by Super User

German Soldiers with bicycle (Tamiya MM240)

This is a quick look at Tamiya's kit no MM240 consisting of 2 bicycles and 4 figures. The kit was obviously a rebundle of an earlier figure with bicycle set which was later enhanced with new mold of the 2 german soldiers either pushing or riding the bicycle.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

[MiniArt] Roman Legionary 1AD

The Roman Legionary 1AD kit is the 5th kit in MiniArt's 1:16 scale historic figure set. A comprehensive range was brought in by HHQ recently and quickly dissappeared from the shelves.

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Japanese warrior "Ashigaru", (Verlinden)

This is a 120mm historical figure from Verlinden (kit #0802) title "Japanese Warrior Ca.1600". Base on history reference, this warrior (simplified armour) look more like an Ashigaru rather than a Samurai class.
  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

[Zvevda] Soviet Sniper team WW2

This Zvezda production kit number 3597 is a very welcomed and unique set of the Russian Sniper team of WW2 nostalgically produced and invoking memories of the wonderful Enemy of The Gates movie.

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Dragon ARVN Rangers, Saigon 1968 (DML 3314)

Here is a subject matter you don’t often see featured by most kit makers if at all but one which was nevertheless an important facet of the Vietnam conflict, the Army Republic of Vietnam or ARVN Rangers. Dragon has arguably the widest selection of Vietnam era figures covering both American as well as the Vietnamese forces with a healthy sprinkling of even indigenous forces in between. As such the production of this set complements well if not almost completing their substantial lineup of Vietnam era figures.

Among the various campaigns that the Rangers participated in Dragon has chosen Saigon circa 1968 during the Tet Offensive as the setting for this kit.