Dragon Panzer 1 Ausf B DAK version [Part 3]

This final part focuses on the painting and weathering of the kit.

As most German early tanks receive a dark yellow coat over the initial dark german grey scheme, I thought that I will take a cue from the boxart cover and try a new weathering method with Hair Styling Gel.

After the initial priming with Tamiya German Grey, the kit was left to cure overnight and the paint chipping process can begin. A piece of dish washing sponge was relieved from the missus's kitchen pantry and found its way to the modelling workroom. A few snips with the scissors and we began by applying thin layers of gel onto the kit in a controlled manner. As the gel is quite reflective when wet, you can see the general effect of the application. A bit of logic was applied to put the chipped areas near edges and places where the crew tend to move about or handled.


A layer of Tamiya Dark yellow was then applied over and some post shading done with a bit of white added. The entire kit was then misted with water to soften the top dark yellow coat and also to 'melt' the gel. The removal of the top coat can be easily done with a stiff brush. With some light brushing, control of the weathering/chipping extent was quite controlled to gauge the effect . Once satisfied, the whole kit was rinsed for the other weathering process.


A series of light buff filters was apllied and some metallising effect was made with a graphite pencil. The tracks received a series of Vallejo brown, natural steel and some oil paint washes before the whole kit was then applied with a pigment wash. As the pigments tend to gather more at the nooks and crannies, the excess pigments were then brushed and a final coat of flat matt (humbrol acrylics, which I feel has the best matt effect) was applied.

An airbrushed facial tissue was then set with white glue and highlighted/shadowed onto the back full as the aircraft recognition flag.


Except for the lack of the tow cables, I thoroughly enjoyed this kit. The first and second part of this 3 part piece can be found here.

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Text and pictures by Loo Chee Keong