• Written by CK Tang

Grave Guardian - The Figure [Part 1]

In this 2-part article, CK Tang shows us how he created the Grave Guardian diorama. This first part focuses on the figure construction and painting.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Malaya 1941

In early December 1941, the Imperial Japanese Army initiate their invasion plan of Malaya to capture the tin and rubber rich peninsular which will lead them to the oil rich seas of the Javanese islands. This vignette uses the multipose Airfix 1:32 kit sets to depict a scene in the early days of the war where the sheer guts of the opposing forces played a pivotal role in warfare.

  • Written by Richard Timothy Foenander

Achtung! Achtung! Caen 1944

Achtung! Achtung! Caen 1944 - Tamiya, Italerei

This is one of my early attempts at serious diorama building. It depicts a typical ambush scene during the early part of the Normandy D-Day invasion campaign. The objective of the British forces under Montgomery in this campaign was to take Caen on D+1 June 6th 1944.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Japanese Blitzkrieg Malaya WW2

This diorama of the Japanese Invasion of Malaya in 1941 depicts a typical scene across the Malayan Peninsular in Dec 1941.

  • Written by Richard Timothy Foenander

Hold Until Relieved 6 June 1944

After watching The Longest Day and the capturing of ‘Pegasus’ bridge at the Caen canal (actually there were two bridges, the other was over the Orne river nearby) by a Coup de Main force of glider troops from the British Airborne, I was inspired to do a bridge scene, captured and held by the 6th Airborne during the Normandy invasion.

Fast and Furious 4 inspired

SFTPMS was engaged to produce a series of dioramas for the recently released Fast and Furious 4 movie inspired by some of the available screen shots 4 weeks ago.

  • Written by CK Tang

Senoi Praaq: The Silent Heroes

It's a small dio based loosely on the Senoi Praaq, a secretive elite unit formed during the Emergency to combat CT and beat them in their own element, the jungle. Little is known about this unit although there is a book written about them and apparently Chin Peng was quoted as they were the only unit his men truly feared. The were made up of men from several Orang Asli tribes.

  • Written by CK Tang

Grave Guardian - The Base [Part 2]

This is the second part of the article where CK Tang shares the steps of creating a diorama base.