Naval / Ships

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Force Z

The Tamiya Force Z set was a welcomed set collecting the new HMS Repulse kit with the HMS Prince of Wales, and the British/Australian E-Class Destoyers.

  • Written by Mohd Shah

RMN Perkasa

This conversion of the Perkasa class fast torpedo can best be described as a labour of love. Mohd Shah shows us how.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

Tamiya HMS Prince of Wales circa 1941

It took close to 5 months to complete the kit with the inclusion of the wonderful White Ensign Model PE set and some reference help from the Internet though images were very limited.

  • Written by Loo Chee Keong

HMS Beagle (1:96)

This is Wendy Du's HMS Beagle in 1:96 scale.