Ma.K AFS Mk1

This AFS Mk.1 1:20 scale kit continues the excellent Maschinen Krieger series of Sci-Fi kits, produced by Wave Corporation.

The Maschinen Krieger ZbV3000 was created by Japanese sci-fi guru Kow Yokoyama in the 1980s based on visual inspirations from WW1 and WW2 war equipments. Originally produced by Nitto, these series of excellent kits are currently retooled by Wave and Hasegawa will be releasing new kits in the 4th quarter of 2008.

The boxart by Kow himself gives an excellent hint of the kit content with the sidegrahics depicting the built model.


Depicting a power suit of an Infantryman, inside the box you will find an instruction sheet , a decal sheet and 6 sprues of injetion mould pieces, one in clear and another in soft rubber like compound to facilitate the movement joints.


The quality of the mould is good showing clean and adequate details consistent with the box art as there are no real references to take a comparison to. There is no flash and ejection pin marks. The quality of the facial sculpt cannot be compared to a Hornet head but adequate if modelled with a closed helmet option. The clear parts are flat and clear.


The instruction sheet has a total of 6 construction sequence with a good colour and decal quide using GSi Gunze colours.


The decals are printed well as can be expected from Wave and its good to see well written English text and not gibberish on them! Well done. 

Highly recommended.