Batmobile 2007

This is a quick look into the magnificent Batman Tumbler kit in 1:35 from Bandai

This kit was a quick distraction from my usual modelling subjects but remains close to my heart due to my long love affair with comics in my younger age.

This bandai kit in 35 scale is moulded in blueish black plastic with one single sprue in tinted grey. Though the instructions and details are just adequate, what it falls short on is a good colour guide and you are left to do some research on the matter to get a correct colour representation. As this was supposed to be a distraction, I skipped the research part and used some artistic licensing on the painting.

The build was quick and the whole kit with painting was completed in one and a half days. The overall kit was painted in a few shades of black with variation of the glossiness from semi to matt. The silver and gold parts were a mix of Gunze and extracted Artline mettallic colours with a brush. Do be careful if you are using the Artline colours as they dry slow and can be tricky when handling.

Enjoy the pics.


CK Loo