British WW2 Battlecruiser REPULSE

The new Tamiya Battlecruiser REPULSE in 1:700 scale was greeted warmly by ship builders in 2007. How does it fair?

TAMIYA's 1:700 scale RUPULSE Battlecruiser maintains TAMIYA's tradition as a superior ship kit producer and more.

Neatly packed into 4 main sprue and 1 decal sheet for the planes and a paper based flag print, the plastic parts are crisp and well detailed with very well engineered joins. Its is a welcomed sight to see that the hull is no longer joined in strange locations which made clean construction difficult in the case of the POW. The REPULSE kit is very well detailed and some of the fine touches are evident in the canopy panels on the Walrus floatplane and the see through effect of the funnel grilles. Deck details and turret bolting including a lack of flash in the near perfect round barrels should make this kit easy to construct. There are 13 well organised steps in the instruction sheet and with a set of photoetched rails and I am sure new PE upgrades in the future, this will be a sight to behold.


Highly recommended.

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