Young Miniature: RAF Spitfire Mk1 Pilot WW2

SMM reviews the brand new Young Miniature RAF Spitfire Mk1 Pilot WW2 bust.

Of late, Young Miniature in their tradition of producing fine crafted bust of their military line have added a new dimension in their offerings. The figures are now usually complimented with extras to give the subject matter context. This concept was evident in their British SAS Jeep Gunner bust (YM1867) as well as their earlier British SAS kit (YM1842).

This kit (YM1868) depicts a stoic and determined looking pilot seated on his Spitfire 1 cockpit getting ready for take off in the battle of Britain.

Packed in their regular familiar and sturdy box, the parts are well kept in foam separating the main parts for the seat and the figure.

 A total of 19 parts makes the total which builds into a very well crafted pilot bust, with their communications wires, googles, visors,  air hose, seat belt and straps as well as head rest and the seat back structures. The sculpt is fine with very well representation of the different materials in the flight jacket leather and wool as well as the braided feel of the harnesses. The same consistent and discerning feel was evident in the headgear as well. No air bubbles were present in this review kit, which should be a fair representation of the quality of casting one can expect from Young Miniature. With the exception of a few thin flash parts which can be easily removed with a few quick flicks of a sharp scalpel, this should built into a nice bust pretty quick.

May this be the first of many WW2 Pilots from Young Miniatures.