[Hasegawa] Mitsubishi G3M2/M3 Nell 22/23

This Hasegawa 1:72 scale kit was produced in 1997 and is since very hard to come by. Kit 51209 depicts the Nell Bomber, similar to the Bombers that sank the Repulse and the Prince of Wales in WW2

The kit, bundled in an usual Hasegawa sized box, is lovingly rendered by Koike Shigee who have been in Hasegawa's service so effectively. Once built, the kit is 228.5mm long and with a wingspan of 347mm. There are 122 parts in all with a set of decals to represent the Bihoro Kokutai or Genzan Kokutai of June 1941. The Kanoya Kokutai markings relevant to the sinking of Force Z is not included, though it might not be too difficult to modify as most of the difference were at the tail numbers.


The parts breakdown is divided into 12 sprue and the instruction sheet is typically Hasegawa with construction starting at the cockpit.


The details are minimal given the size of the plane, offering just adequate through the tiny windows. Some superdetailing is required to bring it up to today's standards. Some of the plane structural ribbings are represented though there are some injection pin marks to take care of. Regretably there are no torpedos in this kit but some 60kg and 250kg bombs are provided. 


The radial engines only need some wires to complete and the wheels are weighted. All flaps and aerilons are moulded together with the wings. The canopy clear parts are well defined. Details are panel lines overall are quite well done and once painted will look very good and to scale.