[Eduard] Bf110C

The Eduard German twin engine Bf110C is one of the best scaled model out there today.

There was a time where the packaging of a kit said a lot about the amount of work put into the production of the kit. This is perhaps still true today and if this is the yardstick, Eduard's new Bf110C is a gem of a kit

Packed into a very well rendered box with stunning box art and a hint of all the markings represented in the side graphics, this kit oozes class.

The quality of the molding is again top notch with even the minute rivets and subtle details showing in all aspect of the kit. With a good set of coloured photo-etch set and masks to ease the painting of the canopies,  this kit is likely not to need anything more to improve it.

The instruction sheet is typically Eduard in this range with a well research background desription of the subject and concluded with further desription of every marking represented.
The construction sequence is logical and part breakdown is to facilitate the variants of the aircraft and shouldn/t be a problem.

The decals looks lovely and thin while the clear parts are sufficiently thin.

Without going through the accuracy of the kit, I thought best that a brief run through will suffice to satisfy any curious modeller out there as to what is in the box.

Very much recommended. Enjoy.