Featured Modeller: Jay Chan Yong Joo

SMM raided the collection of Chan Yong Joo in this next article to give you a glimpse of what this multi talented modeller has been busy with these last 2 years.

Besides appearing in local newspapers sharing the joys of model building, Jay Chan has been busy in the regional circuit, making a mark in the model making circle with his very well executed builds.

His recent Starfighter won Gold in Malcom 2017 and the most recent Russian Mi-4A Helicopter graced the floor of the RF Freedom Cup 2017 competition in Taiwan to take 3rd place in the Aircraft category. Jay explains that winning was never his intention in joining any of the competition as he was more in the hunt to win more friends rather than trophies.

Enjoy the rest of the photos of his works, some of which made features in reputable model making magazines.

Winning Wessex entry in 2016 Airfix Competition ,Singapore 2016 for Senior Category

Bronze medallist for ship category MALCOM 2017, Penang)