Featured Modeller: Richard Foenander

Richard "rtfoe" Foenander is regarded as our local Shep Paine to many, thanks to his wide modelling scope and breath taking dioramas through the years

Model making has been his childhood dream and coming from a family with military ties, the joy and passion to relive the drama and dreams has long been translated via plastics. in all his dioramas and models, he takes great care to either update details he finds wanting or add that special unique feel to add a touch of humor, nostalgia or interest.  It is no surprise that he constantly grace the podiums in many of the local modelling competitions and generously shares his experience in the making of all these prize winning works.

Here we gather 2 of his 2016 and 2017 DIORAMA projects.

First up is the final version of Rest and Recreation "R and R" which won a Gold in Malcom 2017

'Watch out GI' is a rather playful piece featuring a lot of modified figures in a well crafted diorama with height and drama.

Pictures with thanks from rtfoe.