F-5 Family Group build @ 21 Oct 2017, HHQ

SMM was present at the event to render assistance to HHQ for the 1st of many  F-5 Family group builds in the aim to collect the biggest collection of F-5s in any 1 show.

11 new entries entered the fray in this session with at least another 10 still simmering in the pot and yet to grace the public's eye. The planes were from a variety of national service and ranged from 1/72 to 1/32 in scale.

Amongst the attendees Abdullah 'Blackheart' Hamzah aka Brushtip, Harman Zulkifli, Azlan Diver, John Lee,....

From left: Sonny, Vincent Yong, Low, Aidy,  Chan Kok Yoong and KS

Ong Tee Boon (middle) whose models are still cooking in the oven

Sebastian 'Arrow' Williams, (in stripes) our very own Mig29 TUDM pilot in attendance. One Walrus floatplane looking lost here...

Richard Foenander who had the audacity to bring a Walrus float plane to a F5 jet event....

Azlan showing his digit to Aidy's TUDM F-5E. Aidy Abdullah in shock... Low enjoying the moment.... Sonny doing the FLASH...

"You forgot a screw here...."

A small prize ceremony was held to give recognition to good work by participating modellers which included some fantastic TUDM builds by Aidy Abdullah, an opened bird by Blackheart, a very well rendered US navy plane by Chan, as well as the ever consistent fare by ye ole faithful Allan Chew. It was also great for members to re-mingle in this cosy gathering of F-5 enthusiasts.  

F-20A by Mohamad Erid Abdul Rahim

F-20 by Thomas 'masterQQ' Ng

F-20 by Allan Chew in IJA colours

Aidy Abdullah's TUDM Aluminium bird F-5B

Aidy's Green Camo F20A TUDM

Aidy's TUDM RF5E late

Azlan Diver with his ROCAF what if Aggresor

Blackheart's 1/32 engine missing F-5E

Lee Kok See's F-5E

1/32 Taiwan F-5E  by Woo Wai Ming

Chan Kok Yoong's US Navy F-5E

Many thanks to HHQ and all participants.