Featured Modeller: Nicholas Ong

Nicholas Ong has been in the local Malaysian modelling scene for more than 20 years. His signature dioramas packed with human interest stories has always drawn in admirers for many local modelling shows and competitions.

In this short feature, 2 of his latest works are featured recognising the quick and easy way of mix and matching that is a trademark of Nicholas' work. In true fashion, he usually uses the model kits as is with additional kits to pack in the diorama scene.

The M1A1 diorama is built OOB but loaded with accessories that the turret tilts backwards! The markings are all hand sprayed and the tanker is a VP conversion while 2 Hobby Fan infantrymen gives a bit of pace to the setting of Desert Storm 2.

The M1151 diorama is completed, using an Academy vehicle with Evolution figures based on the US Special Forces Ops in Afghanistan.  Nicholas' work has always presented  compact composition with consistent painting and clear story lines. His rendering style is subtle and enough to show drama and interest in multiple angles and viewpoints. We hope to see more of the same soon.

Pictures courtesy of Nicholas Ong.