Hanging Out (SYRIA) : Nicholas Ong

Hot off the modelling table, SMM features the latest diorama from Nicholas Ong.

This scene depicts 2 similarly taken photographs of the situation in Syria floating around in the world wide web; one showing a group of freedom fighters resting against the backdrop of a Russian 'T' tank, and another of local citizens using the barrel of the Tank as a washing line.

The tank model was an old  T72 obscure Chinese make while the figures come fresh from the Paracel Miniature line from Vietnam. In Nicholas' own words, the pose of the figures were perfect for the scene and hardly needed any cleanup or touch up. Accessories from the superb DEF models family were used to give them a realistic cluttered feel while the clothes line was scratchbuilt with putty and bits of modelling left overs. If you look closely, you can also find some little friends in the scene. The choice of black skirts on the tank provides a very good base to show the intricacies of the paint and sculpt of the figures and dramatizes the human element of the piece.

The overall work was finished in AK and Vallejo colours while the weathering was completed with a mixture of MIG products.

Come and see this piece at the Malaysia Hobby Expo 2017 in MAEPS this 25th and 26th November.

Pictures courtesy of Nicholas Ong and his daughter's camera.