Local Hobby Shops: WHM (World Hobby Miniatures)

Local Hobby Shop WHM (World Hobby Miniatures) is one of the watering holes in beautiful Penang Island in Malaysia. They offer a wide range of models and accessories throughout the world as well as being the official distributor of many a brands in Malaysia.

Lead by the ever friendly Ming and Andrew, WHM operates in one of the shop offices at  413A, 1st Floor, Jalan Burma, 10350 Penang. (Tel : +604:2290919) during the hours of 1am to 6pm ( Mon to Sat).  The shop is relatively well stocked but do not expect the stock to last as most will be snapped up rather quickly once any model or material shipment arrives. They do cater to pre-order services.

WHM regularly organise modelling events and the most notable being MALCOM and the annual Malaysia Hobby Show which started a couple of years back. They were also instrumental in introducing the TEAM ASEAN group to Shizuoka Japan for their annual Expo.

You can read more about WHM in their Facebook page here in this link

Racks of paints and finishing materials of most popular brands

Tools and such...

Models... and models...

....if you have hours to spare.....

Part of the 1st TEAM ASEAN group in Shizuoka 2017

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