Tamiya 1:24 Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec II Nur

The Nissan Skyline R34 V-Spec II Nur was released on February 2002 as a final production model of the R34 GT-R.

The Nur was named after the famous German racetrack, the Nurburgring where this car was developed and Tamiya as usual has successfully replicate this car in one of it's 1:24 scale model kits.This model is a curbside kit, which means no engine details other than what can be seen from the underside of the car. Tamiya has come out with a lot of model kits with detailed engine and I think this Skyline should also be included with one. This model was build to replicate the car that I drove (virtually) in Playstation's Gran Turismo II game.


This model was a straight out-of-the-box build except for an additional Studio 27 carbon fiber decal for the front bonnet. Building this model was simple and straightforward thanks to Tamiya's excellent instruction and paint guide. There is not much fleshing visible other than some fine parting lines that can be removed simply by using sandpaper, basically around the front and rear bonnet as well as around the door pillars and roof. Tamiya has included two wheels option and I opt to use the Nur wheels as it looks much more menacing to the overall black car. Each holes on the front disc brakes were drilled individually and although it took some time, the look of it when painted will justify the little effort that you took on it.



The body of the car was painted overall with Gunze's Super Black coated with four to five layers of clear coat. The interior was painted a two tone colour of light grey and semi-gloss black to provide some contrast to the black body. The rims were painted with Gunze's flat black with the lugnuts is highlighted with silver for some contrast and detail. The exhaust was painted with Gunze's Metalizer paints and buffed to shine. Decals were applied prior to the clear coating and Gunze's Mr. Mark Softer has excellently performed in getting the decals to conform to the curves and edges.



The Nissan Skyline V-Spec II Nur is one of Tamiya's best models that looks really good even if it is build straight out of the box. I enjoyed building it and will not say no if I have the chance to build another. This model is excellent for beginner auto modelers and a very good platform for detailing for advanced and expert modelers.


By Imran Zulkifli a.k.a druid_99