Amati Stagecoach: Jeremy Ng

The Stagecoach is a classic wooden model from the Italian company Amati. Rendered exquisitely by Malaysian modeller, Jeremy Ng, SMM highlights some of the photos for the WIP and completed works here.

This 1/10 Dilingenza Stage Coach represents a model of the Wild West (1820-1900) typical stagecoaches and is made from laser cut wooden parts with photoetched details, leather and other brass pieces for enhancement.

The mechanics of the kit is quite extraordinary but will require skills not absent with Jeremy's earlier experience on militaria plastic models nor his ventures into full metal and hybrid kits.

The Works in Progress shots shows the finesse of the laser cut and brass connection pieces as well as the usual neatness one can expect from the modeller's work.

The dressing was done in commercial paint undercoat to address the porous timber grains and pits in the surface with Gunze lacquer finish to top off.

Rendered in a perfect museum quality finish, do not expect to see weathering of any kind to mask the engineering wonder which makes the bulk of Jeremy's direction of model making lately.

Accessories and loose pieces are included to give the model a sense of scale for comparison and the fine decal print completes the package.

SMM extends a big thank you to Jeremy for the use of his photos and hope he keeps the modelling magic going.